Checkin ManiaTumblr (3.0; @checkinmania)/@foursquare specials now added to @Checkinmania<p>You can now find deals in any town without having to be in the neighborhood. Look for the deals tab to browse and find specials anywhere, select a city and click anywhere on the map to find foursquare check-in specials, Mayor specials, Newbie specials or Loyalty specials using <a href="">checkinmania</a>. </p> <p><a href=""><img alt="" height="380" width="550" src=""/></a></p>/post/4839930327/post/4839930327Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:22:37 -0700foursquarecheckinmaniaAdd CheckinMania Map Widget to your website<p><a href=";url="><img src=""/></a></p> <p>You can now add CheckinMania Map to your own website by adding a small snippet of code to your website. You can customize the size, you can set default location, select the services you want displayed and default service to start - Foursquare, Gowalla, BrightKite or Twitter.</p> <p><a href=";url=">Here is the link to customize and get the code</a></p> <p><a href=";url="><img src=""/></a></p>/post/3105751643/post/3105751643Fri, 04 Feb 2011 07:55:28 -0800checkinmaniaGoogle Latitude adds Check-in<p>Not the typical check-in method you see in foursquare, gowalla or facebook, but some cool new optional features that will be very useful:</p> <p>+ Notification to check-in once you arrive at a place</p> <p>+ Automatically check-in when you arrive a particular destination</p> <p>+ Automatically checks you out of place when you leave</p> <p>Full details at <a href="">Google Mobile Blog</a></p> <p> <object width="540" height="360"> <param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="540" height="360"></embed></object> </p>/post/3105274252/post/3105274252Fri, 04 Feb 2011 07:09:15 -0800latitude@foursquare growth in 2010 [Infograph]<p><img height="1800" width="560" src=""/></p>/post/3041405070/post/3041405070Mon, 31 Jan 2011 18:38:46 -0800foursquareFoursquare adds Photos and Comments feature<p><img height="250" width="510" src=""/></p> <p>Photos from @<a href="">Instagram</a>, @<a href="">Picplz </a>and @<a href="">FoodSpotting </a>will be pushed to @<a href="">foursquare</a>, the new foursquare iPhone app will also support adding photos with check-ins. </p> <p>New foursquare iPhone app features include:</p> <ul><li>Push notifications when your friends comment on your check-in.</li> <li>Leave Tips with Photos.</li> <li>Comment on your friends check-ins.</li> <li>Check-in Photos and Comments are available only to friends</li> <li>Tip Photos are available to all.</li> </ul><p>Android, BlackBerry and WebOS will also get the photos feature soon and photo sharing to <a href="">facebook</a> and <a href="">flickr</a> also coming soon according to foursquare <a href="">blog</a>. Foursquare has also added support for full check-in history. Developer API support for these new features will be available soon.</p> <p>(via @<a href="">foursquare</a>)</p>/post/2391141266/post/2391141266Mon, 20 Dec 2010 11:41:23 -0800foursquareFirst ever check-in from International Space Station via @foursquare<p><img align="right" src="" width="300" height="300"/></p> <p><span><a target="_blank" href="">Expedition 25</a> Commander <a target="_blank" href="!/astro_wheels">Douglas H. Wheelock</a> became the first human to ever use a location-based service from space. Doug checked in from the International Space Station and unlocked the new NASA Explorer Badge.</span></p> <p><span>Read full story at foursquare blog: &ldquo;<a href="">One small step for man, one giant check-in for mankind</a>&rdquo;</span></p> <p><span><br/></span></p>/post/1376470223/post/1376470223Fri, 22 Oct 2010 16:28:00 -0700foursquareSCVNGR launches New Apps for iPhone and Android<p><img height="476" width="317" alt="via techcrunch" src=""/></p> <p>Location based game app <a href="">SCVNGR</a> has launched new apps for iPhone and Android. SCVNGR now has about 500,000 users and growing fast. The iPhone app design looks a lot like facebook iPhone app with new feature including a improved activity stream, dashboard and a social map to view your friends on a map. More details can be found on the SCVNGR&rsquo;s <a href="">blog</a>.</p> <p>Photo via @<a href="">techcrunch</a></p>/post/1376289292/post/1376289292Fri, 22 Oct 2010 15:59:33 -0700scvngrFireFly: Check-in service for your Twitter social graph<p><a href="">FireFly</a> is the new Location based Check-in service that is based on Twitter Places API and uses the twitter social graph as your friends. The <a href="">iPhone app</a> design is very similar to foursquare or gowalla, you can check where your twitter friends are checked-in, you can browse nearby places and check-in, and also attach pictures with check-in. It is not clear if the it just shows friend check-ins done using this app or does it also pull tweets with location tag from, it does not look like it pulls location tagged tweets of friends. Foursquare and Gowalla tag check-ins with twitter places, it will be cool if Firefly can pull tweets with location tag into this service, then it will have aggregated stream of check-ins for twitter social graph. Overall it is a well designed app, but the big question is, is it just filling a hole that twitter can implement on their own?</p> <p><img src="" height="480" width="334"/></p> <p>(BTW, <a href=""></a> will show all tweets tagged to a location, easy to look up tweets from a particular location)</p>/post/1004480279/post/1004480279Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:24:58 -0700fireflytwitterLocation Based Social Networks Compared<p>(via @<a href="">TechCrunch</a>)</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" height="640" width="599"/></a></p>/post/978671792/post/978671792Thu, 19 Aug 2010 13:31:13 -0700Facebook rolls out check-in feature<p>Facebook today <a href="">announced</a> &ldquo;Places&rdquo; feature which will allow users and friends to be tagged to a location a.k.a check-in to a location.</p> <p><strong>Here are some of the features of Facebook Places:</strong></p> <p>- Check-in to a location</p> <p>- Tag friends to a location</p> <p>- Find friends nearby</p> <p>- Post photos/messages to a place</p> <p>- View people checked-in at the same location you are</p> <p>- Businesses can claim ownership of a place by verification</p> <p>Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and Booyah have all announced their partnership to integrate Facebook Places API. Facebook has also made read <a href="">APIs</a> available, search and write APIs are in closed beta currently (<a href=""></a> will be adding facebook tab as soon as the search API comes out of closed beta). The Facebook Places feature will be available on the facebook touch mobile website and iPhone app starting today to all US users.</p> <p><img src=";h=450" height="450" width="300"/></p> <p>(picture via @<a href="">techcrunch</a>)</p>/post/976080951/post/976080951Wed, 18 Aug 2010 23:51:05 -0700facebookGowalla anounces check-in API with guidelines<p><img src="" align="right" height="100" width="100"/>Gowalla has released API to check-in users, back in February they had released APIs for all but the check-in API. Developers could only pull venue and user information but did not have the ability to do actual check-in. Gowalla&rsquo;s main concern was that people could do fake check-ins using APIs, foursquare on the other hand released full APIs this lead to creation on many third party apps with foursquare check-in integrated (many are available here <a href="">Foursquare App Gallery</a>), this also increased the adoption of foursquare over Gowalla. Gowalla has finally decided to give access to check-in API to users with some rigid guidelines and terms, here are the guidelines for <a href="">Gowalla Check-in API</a> use:</p> <ul><li><em>Encourage users of your application to check in at places they are actually located.</em></li> <li><em>Avoid incentives or game mechanics that reward checking in from distant locations.</em></li> <li><em>Never “auto check-in” a person without their explicit permission. This is seriously uncool.</em></li> <li><em>Encourage social interaction over bot-like behavior.</em></li> <li><em>Rapid, repeated check-ins with the intent to automate the location and swapping of items will not be tolerated.</em></li> <li><em>Go easy on the API. Cache data where you can, respond to error messages, and be thoughtful about your user experience.</em></li> </ul><p>Gowalla check-in API uses Oauth 2.0 for secure authentication, more information and examples are available <a href="">here</a>.</p> <ul></ul>/post/929105183/post/929105183Mon, 09 Aug 2010 16:45:47 -0700GowallaSuperfans and superusers: show your foursquare pride with swag<a href="">Superfans and superusers: show your foursquare pride with swag</a>: <blockquote> <p><a target="_blank" href=""><img src=""/></a></p> <p>So many of you have been asking how you can rock the t-shirts we wear every day here at foursquare HQ, so we made a <a target="_blank" href="">store</a> for you to get your own! …. <a href="">read more</a></p> </blockquote> <p>(via <a href="">foursquare</a>)</p>/post/928770852/post/928770852Mon, 09 Aug 2010 15:17:20 -0700Visualize your @foursquare check-ins with WeePlaces<p> <object height="285" width="500"> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"><param name="movie" value=";;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_portrait=1&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1&amp;autoplay=0&amp;loop=0"><embed src=";;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_portrait=1&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1&amp;autoplay=0&amp;loop=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="285" width="500"></embed></object> </p> <p>Here is an awesome web app to visualize your foursquare check-ins, login with foursquare and <a href="">Weeplaces</a> will show your movement on a map over time. At the end of the visualization you will be left with a map with all your check-ins. You can then share this visualization with friends using twitter/facebook.</p> <p>However one thing I noticed was that once you login and use this app, your check-in data is all made public even if you don&rsquo;t want to share this information, anyone can access this data by using this url <strong><a href=""></a>(firstname)-(lastname)</strong>, there was no option to make this url private again. I have contacted the guys from Weeplaces regarding this privacy concern.</p> <p><strong>Update</strong>: I got response back from Weeplaces, a privacy setting option has been added to make the visualization private.</p>/post/927416400/post/927416400Mon, 09 Aug 2010 08:35:00 -0700foursquareList of Foursquare Badges<p>(via @aboutFoursquare)</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" height="150" width="570"/></a></p> <p>Here is a good resource for list of foursquare badges compiled by @aboutFoursquare. Read more on <a href="">aboutFoursquare blog post</a>.</p>/post/918276981/post/918276981Sat, 07 Aug 2010 09:58:34 -0700foursquarea&g’s Location-Based Services Cheat Sheet<p><img src="" height="2360" width="598"/></p> <p>(via <a href="">Allen &amp; Gerritsen</a>)</p>/post/899862681/post/899862681Tue, 03 Aug 2010 15:12:12 -0700MisoTrendy: Real-time foursquare trends<p>With this new app, you can find all the locations anywhere in the world that have people checked in currently.</p> <p><img src="" height="300" width="500"/></p> <p>The app lets you find popular locations, list of people checked-in, number of men/women checked-in, tips and stats about the venues. The app also lets you filter out location like coffee, bars or parks and find checked-in users and tips from foursquare.<br/><br/>This app also has a mobile version which will open it automatically when accessed from mobile devices or smart phones, It uses HTML5 for geolocation detection.</p> <p><img src="" height="480" width="320"/></p>/post/897151845/post/897151845Tue, 03 Aug 2010 01:11:54 -0700foursquareNow, there’s a reason to keep checking in to foursquare<img src=""/><br/><br/><p>Now, there’s a reason to keep checking in to foursquare</p>/post/857204195/post/857204195Sun, 25 Jul 2010 08:38:59 -0700foursquareFoursquare Venue Search added to CheckinMania<p><img src=";Expires=1280245814&amp;Signature=V6ceF3BxBZvq%2FPndr8LnIT2CK0Q%3D"/></p> <p>New search feature is implemented in <a href="">CheckinMania</a> for foursquare. You can now search for specific types of foursquare venues and find checkins around. This will make it easy for example to just find out who are checking in to Starbucks around an area or look for all Starbucks Mayors. This search is only available for foursquare tab in CheckinMania. Visit <a href=""></a> and select the Foursquare tab to use this feature.</p>/post/762299597/post/762299597Fri, 02 Jul 2010 10:59:00 -0700foursquareTwitter Places added to<p>Find out who are tweeting from places around you. Twitter is now one of the options available in to browse places around and look for any tweets tagged with venues, you might just find some interesting comments/ reviews about the place. You can access this by going to <a href=""></a> . Currently twitter has only enabled places for US. If you want your tweets tagged to a restaurant/bar or any place, just use the &ldquo;add your location&rdquo; option below the status update box on <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>There are rumors that Facebook is planning to add location feature, expect that to be integrated to as soon as APIs are released.</p> <p>With so many location based services out there, imagine if they all used a common open places database, more interesting apps and visualizations can be developed. A lot of people have been requesting to combine all the services in one map, so that clicking on one venue/place will show tweets from the place, foursquare, gowalla checkins and other reviews, its just not easy to do this unless they all use a standard location database.</p> <p>(BTW, brightkite is also implemented and functional now, however the data does not look that interesting, looks like not a lot of people are using this service anymore)</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" height="419" width="488"/></a></p>/post/736611920/post/736611920Fri, 25 Jun 2010 19:14:00 -0700twitterWith so many location based apps out there, iOS 4 folder feature...<img src=""/><br/><br/><p>With so many location based apps out there, iOS 4 folder feature can help you organize them all on your iPhone.</p>/post/723202266/post/723202266Mon, 21 Jun 2010 15:15:49 -0700iPhone